Window Cleaning Business Plan

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These days, people and businesses prefer to get professionals to clean their windows especially those that require specialized cleaning equipment.The good thing about this business is it requires less bottlenecks and you’ll be able to soon recover your capital.

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Depending on the position and elevation of windows, it may be difficult to reach windows with your bare hands thus necessitating the need for professional use and expertise.

The window cleaning business will be registered under the name Zee Cleaners and will be situated in downtown Manhattan, New York.

To make Zee Cleaners a household name, Mary has sought help from experts to come up with a comprehensive business plan that will ensure her window cleaning business succeeds.

Important data associated with the window cleaning business is indicated below.

Zee Cleaners will be owned and managed by Mary Morrison who is a retired high school teacher.

With over two decades of a vibrant teaching career, Mary has worked on various environments and realized numerous accomplishments during the course of her career.This business plan has a well elaborated strategy that will immediately be put in place once operations begin.For a business to succeed, a market survey needs to be carried out to document which areas need to be focused on for the window cleaning business to meet its targets.[/nextpage]Mary Morrison has had a successful career as a high school teacher having taught some of the best performing schools across the country.During her career, Mary was recognized on various occasions for her exemplary achievements and impressive track record.Zee Cleaners aims to fully meet its business obligations and realize profits.For this to be achieved, a comprehensive window cleaning business plan has been designed to help the business stay on the path to success.After a detailed market research, Zee Cleaners identified the following customer segment as the main targets for the business.Despite having numerous businesses doing window cleaning services, Zee Cleaners knows there is still high demand for window cleaning services in Manhattan area given the high number of large skyscrapers.Zee Window Cleaners plans to invest in modern cleaning equipment and technologies to ensure customer satisfaction is realized.Close emphasis will be put on a consistent excellent customer care strategy to boost relationship between the business and its clients.


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