Why Cheerleading Is A Sport Argument Essay

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Explain that competitive cheerleading makes cheerleading about more than supporting other school sports.

Give an overview of the types of competitions cheerleading squads attend and explain how the squads score points and win competitions.

She has written for "Chocolate Zoom" and "The Japanese Tutor" among others.

Mc Nulty received a Bachelor of Arts in English with honors from Carthage College, where she also pursued minors in Asian studies and French.

Alternatively, you can argue that more cheerleaders and coaches need to incorporate safety precautions and should stop attempting overly dangerous routines.

Many people, especially those with only a cursory knowledge about cheerleading, forget that men can participate in the activity as well as women.If you do consider cheerleading a sport, discuss the physical exertion and dedication that the sport requires.Point out that cheerleading competitions exist, and that they are cheerleading's equivalent of the games or matches in other sports.Alternatively, you can simply give a lecture on a topic of interest to you, but focus on a specific facet of the topic in order to keep the audience's attention.If you want to give a speech on cheerleading for a class or an event, find your focus. Others, particularly those who have participated in cheerleading, think that cheerleading is as much a sport as basketball and football.Explain why you think the activity has become more popular with women.Amy Mc Nulty has worked as a freelance writer since 2005.Use graphs and charts to better explain the percentages of both minor and serious cheerleading injuries.You can choose to argue that these dangers are minor enough to make the activity acceptable as it is, so long as cheerleaders are aware of the risks and practice caution.The cheerleading team had been renamed “Acrobatics and Tumbling.” This is like deciding to call sitting “Hip-Flexing.” This is like deciding to call nose-picking “Corporal Archaeology.” The judge was clearly bound by certain technicalities, some of them legal.He noted that there was, as yet, no NCAA “Acrobatics and Tumbling” championship.


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