Where Does The Annotated Bibliography Go In A Research Paper

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For example, if the author was a black abolitionist preacher during the Civil War era, you are going to read the source differently than if it was written by a 20th-century historian. She also describes the involvement of her pastor uncle in both the abolition and temperance movements.

Why is this source going to help you with this paper? If your professor does not specify the number of sources required for the annotated bibliography, then you want to aim for about 20% more than would be required or expected for the paper.

As this article is entirely research-based, it is written from a fact-based point of view, and contains no opinion, or biased angle.

The peer-reviewed publishing standards of the journal ensure that it has been vetted to high academic standards.

This paper has been published in a peer-reviewed, academic journal publication title, which follows strict publishing guidelines.

The paper was written in 2012, and is therefore very current.An annotated bibliography is a lot like the bibliography you would find at the end of your research paper or a book, but with more information.Besides research paper assignments, you will find annotated bibliographies as part of a dissertation or thesis.This is true for anything from a shorter research paper to a full-length book.You can refer back to the annotated bibliography to see what sources you found during the planning stage and why you thought they would be helpful, so you can have a better chance at finding the information you are looking for when you actually get down to writing.Also, the process of writing an annotated bibliography will help you to evaluate your sources up front and make sure you are finding sources that will be useful for your paper before you get elbow-deep in writing. What if you put all this work into writing a paper and then you realize there aren’t enough quality sources out there (or aren’t enough that meet your professor’s requirements, or aren’t enough in a language you can read…yes this has happened to me! Since our mission is to study smarter, we obviously want to avoid wasting time like that.The annotated bibliography will help you make sure you have what you need, so even if your professor doesn’t require one, you should create one anyways! This paper will prove particularly useful for my research as a viable research study that supports the formation of online communities and networks for patients receiving healthcare. The study investigated transcripts of online interactions between healthcare providers and patients, and determined that the Internet is a valuable resource to support networking between patients and caregivers. This article describes a research project exploring the appropriateness of online forums for cancer patients and various caregivers to communicate and build a network base.It has particular use, as it discusses the role of online forums from the perspective of patients.


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