Where Can I Publish My Research Paper

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Below are some of the most important criteria to keep in mind when choosing a journal that is a good match for your research.

This information is usually readily available on the journal’s homepage.

The validity of the Journal Impact Factor as a metric for journal quality is controversial due to the many factors that can influence the rating achieved and the fact that not all of these factors are directly related to the quality of the publications within the journal.

Nevertheless, the Impact Factor remains the default method for determining the quality and reputation of a journal.

For example, does not publish optimization studies aiming to increase the yield of a production process.

Once you have identified a few journals that might be likely to publish your manuscript based on their broad aims and scope, consider performing a search with the keywords (or title) of your manuscript to determine whether the journal has published work that is similar to yours.

Aim to identify 3-5 papers published within the last 5 years and try to determine whether these papers are similar to yours in quality and scope.

For example, if you performed a clinical study that included 50 patients and you notice that the journal only publishes clinical studies including 300 patients or more, then this particular journal might be unlikely to consider your research favorably.


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