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Because feathers are much lighter than nails, some may have a tendency to think that it will weigh less. Therefore, just get one-sixth of 1069.082 to get your weight on the moon.

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You brother steps on the scale and it says 220 pounds. Solution: To get your weight, multiply 100 kg by 2.2.

( 1 kg weighs 2.2 pounds)2.2 multiplied by 100 equals 220. The weight word problems below are just a little more challenging.

Question #2: If 2 kg of feather weighs 19.6 Newtons, does 2 kg of nails weigh 19.6 Newtons?

Yes, at the earth's surface 2 kg of anything will have the same weight. 3) w = m × g w = 109.09 × 9.8 w = 1069.082 Newtons 4) On the moon, gravity is about one-sixth that of the earth.

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A digital weight scale is more accurate than the old fashioned needle scales. You have to stand correctly on the scale to get an accurate reading, but just as with any type of calculating machinery, the scale sometimes needs to be calibrated. To test the scale further, weigh some object of a known weight.

If there is no display on the scale, this could be your problem.

If your scale is battery-powered make sure you have a fresh battery to install and check it again.

Problem #1: What is the weight of a baby with a mass of 3 kg? Top pages Units of speed Free fall equations Acceleration word problems Free fall problems Velocity word problems Galileo and the leaning tower of Pisa What is a neutral atom?

Solution To find the weight, use the formula below: w = m × g w = 3 kg × 9.8 w = 29.4 Newtons Problem #2: You step on the scale and it says 100 kg. (Use g = 10 Newtons instead of 9.8 to simplify the math.)Solution: m = 0.1 kg 1 kg = 1000 grams 0.1 kg = 1000 × 0.1 = 100 grams Problem #4:If your weight is 240 pounds, what is your mass?


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