Wall-E Essay Consumerism

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Isn't it ironic how the more we try to become socially connected with each other through technology, the more we become socially detached with each other in reality?

One other problem that technology has brought to the table is its effect on physical health.

When you're in front of a screen, you usually stay still which means the more you use electronical devices, the less time you have for physical activity.

The less time you have for physical activity, the more chance you have to becoming unfit or overweight.

Texting has become the main form of communication, so when kids get home, how can they look at each other in the eye if they just text?

Another study has shown that children's social skills are affected negatively when they multitask with technology.Once you really think about it, though, that future might soon become ours.Even though most technology is very useful and convenient, our dependence on it can lower our ability to focus, decrease people skills, and decline physical health as depicted in Wall-E.It was one of the most successful animations of the decade.I watched Wall-E in 2009 when many major events occurred to me. While Wall-E promotes love, friendship, and a sense of environmentalism among young audiences but to me, there are something deeper presenting in Wall-E that forever altered the way the 14-year-old me viewed the world.The people on the Axiom created Wall-E to clean up the Earth that they destroyed.(revised March 2017) Wall-E is a computer-animated movie produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney in 2008.Many researchers have connected childhood obesity to too much screen time.Sixty-one percent of obese boys and sixty-three percent of obese girls have said that they watch television for two hours or more a day.The passengers have robots to brush their teeth, serve them food and even dress them.It’s hard to tell if it’s the technology that controls their lives, or the laziness?


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