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PGR14.2.8 Where the candidate and/or Director of Studies believe there are exceptional grounds for holding the viva at another location other than specified at PGR14.2.7R, the permission of RDAB, with the agreement of the UWE Academic Registrar, must be obtained prior to the examiners being appointed.

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Research awards by publication PGR14.2.3R Research awards by publication (including MPhil and DPhil degrees by publication) are assessed by submission of a collection of published work together with a critical commentary setting out the nature and significance of the collection as a whole in terms of its contribution to new knowledge within the subject field, and a viva voce (oral) examination.

PGR14.2.4R Published work may include books, original and exhibited creative work in any medium, peer reviewed publications in the public domain, published patents or designs, or other forms of published scholarly output embodying original research.

In the event that the technology does not permit the viva to be conducted with the involvement of all parties to a satisfactory standard e.g.

visual contact is lost between the parties, the viva should be stopped and rearranged.

PGR14.2.5R Very exceptionally parts of the thesis, or all of it, may be presented other than in written, printable form where it can be demonstrated that the contents can be better expressed in that form and are capable of being assessed.

In all such cases the permission of the Research Degrees Award Board (RDAB) must be obtained as early in the PGR’s registration as possible and before the final examination arrangements have been approved.Due to the different and distinct phases within the final assessment process, procedures for each phase are included directly after each section of the regulations, rather than all together at the end of the chapter.Regulations, procedures, information and guidance about all requirements to the submission of the thesis are contained within the previous Part 13 Preparing for the Final Assessment, including: the required format of the thesis, and for DPhil/MPhil by publication the critical commentary; loading the thesis onto the UWE research repository; nomination and appointment of examiners; reasonable adjustments for the viva; organising the viva date, together with guidance and tips on preparing for the viva itself.In all chapters concerning the final assessment process the PGR may be referred to as the ‘PGR candidate’, or simply ‘the candidate’.PGR14.1.1R To be awarded an MPhil or Doctoral level research degree by the University, candidates must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the examiners that they meet the requirements of the University’s published qualification descriptor for that degree (see PGR Part 2 Postgraduate qualification descriptors).PGR14.2.2R Where candidates are assessed for MPhil and Ph D awards with an approved creative practice focus, the assessment will be by submitted thesis and viva voce, but may also include submission of original creative work in any medium undertaken as part of the registered research project.This creative work may include but is not limited to: one or more scholarly texts, works of fiction, musical or choreographic works, designs, devices and products, short film, exhibition of works, installation or other original artefacts or examples of creative work.They are also highly regarded in the world of financial business.You'll also be in demand to help maximise usage of high capital plants and operations such as power stations, oil refineries and hospitals. Engineers constantly ask questions and explore new ideas.They play an important role in developing the world around us - whether that's through the initial design and manufacture of products, or through their development, management or marketing.


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