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Studying History provides a student with skills which are not confined to the study of the past.

Skills of analysis are invaluable in many jobs, and the ability to analyse and then prioritise information is vital to decision making.

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The judges of the atiku abubakar educationsolutions essay competition are pleased to announce a 10-person longlist, as follows names.If you want to do well on the IB History exam, you'll need to have a solid set of notes to study from.This can be difficult though if you're missing notes or feel like some of your own notes don't cover certain topics in enough depth. We’ve assembled the best FREE online IB History notes into this complete study guide.Looking at the history of the USA we can see why race tensions continued on past the abolition of slavery and arguably remain today.In reading the history of India we can see why the Caste system still remains in the subcontinent.In order to make sense of current affairs it is important to study the past, as everything which is happening around us has been influenced by, and is a direct result of, that which preceded it.In this way, the study of History is explicitly relevant to us.By studying at the various tributaries of humanity, a broad cultural awareness is yours for the taking.If you are to look at human history there are particular patterns which tend to repeat themselves.Reflection of my life – one’s dream and aspirations to supersede in life must be going to tackle this feat, and that can be your biggest challenge, motivation.The essay is not a standard part of every college application in fact, about 60 percent of colleges don’t even require one but at other colleges, particularly highly.


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