Underground Railroad Research Paper Outline

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Even though born in a slave family, she was determined and confident that she deserves to live a life of freedom.

(Anderson, Pp 111)Her Accomplishment Harriet Tubman saved numerous slaves through the Underground Railroad, which was a secret network of safe houses.

She worked for the elimination of slavery and the establishment of humanity in culture.

(Bradford, Pp 149) Another important issue she worked for was women suffrage.

Conclusion Harriet Tubman's efforts were enough to dissolve slavery in America.

Introduction Harriet Tubman, born in 1820, was a runaway slave from Maryland. She was one of the eleven children of Harriet and Benjamin Ross.

The Major Cause She Was Fighting For This part attempts to highlight the major cause she was fighting for, end of slavery.

It describes her perceptions, aims, dreams and vision.

How Her Accomplishments Impact/Influenced America The influence and impact her struggles and accomplishments created, is discussed here.

The Result of Her Work This part explains the result and consequences of her work and accomplishments.


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