To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Essay

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The coming of age is an event which is oftencelebrated in many different cultures, through rituals or ceremonies.The rituals, alsoknown as passage rites, mark the passing of a person from one stage of life to the next:birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age, and death.

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Yet a different way for these rituals is group rituals.

These often takes months oreven years, as among many Australian aboriginal tribes.

Arnold Van Gennep stated that 'Passagerituals have three steps: separation from society; inculcation-transformation; and return tosociety in the new status.' (1995, Grolier Encyclopedia)All passage rituals serve certain universal functions.

'They serve to dramatize theencounter of new responsibilities, opportunities, dangers.

4) quote demonstrates that the youngman realizes that it is more important to be generous than it was to go to the circus.

Thiswas the first step of this young man's transition into the adult life.Such rites maintain adult male togetherness and strengthen cultural continuity.Theyresolve boys conflicts about sexual identity and establish clear attitudes toward fathersand mothers.Boys rites often involve seclusion from women, hazing by older males,test of manliness, and genital operations, including circumcision.Girls rites are just asbad if not worse with things like removal of the clitoris.Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird is a sensitive touching portrayal of ayoung boy who grows up through shocking yet realistic events.Although many people are only aware of the coming of age theme throughliterature and other forms of entertainment, there is also a very realistic part to this eventin a person's life which is often ignored.This stage in life isone of the most important and most popular themes in literature.The coming of agetheme is found in one of the one of the best coming to age stories that have ever been President George W.Other children reach this time by simplygrowing older and having a better understanding of the world around them.The comingof age really is indefinite and cannot be marked in general overview.


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