Three Characteristics Of Mercantilism

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Power is concentrated in the hands of the State which takes all decisions regarding investment, production, distribution and consumption.This leads to bureaucratization, red tape and a very cumbersome and expensive system of administration which cannot deliver the goods.

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Soviet experiments with socialism over a period of 70 years have miserably failed.

But it was hailed by Sydney Leboa as new civilization.

Since NAFTA policies are evaluated by political economists with differing ideologies, the success of NAFTAs first decade remains in question.

After a decade, which economists herald NAFTA as a success and who disregards it as a failure?

This illustrates the mercantilist principle of "enumerating" certain strategic commodities.: In 1673 Parliament closed a loophole in regulating enumerating goods.

Colonial merchants had been avoiding the Navigation Act by simply stopping at another colonial port before trading their goods outside the empire.

With the return of the Stuart monarchy after the Civil War and Cromwell's Commonwealth, London moved to bring more coherence and order to the ramshackle empire, building on some of Cromwell's efforts at mercantile regulation in the 1651Parliamentary Act.

Note in this phase the basic importance of commerce and mercantilist ideas 1660: certain colonial staples like sugar and tobacco had to be shipped to England or another British colony.

These points to the fact that Marxism has practically no future.

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