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Okonkwo wraps his inward emotions by outfits of anger express through violence, stubbornness, and other irrational behavior. Okonkwo demands that his family work long hours despite their age or limited physical stamina, and he nags and beats his wives and son, Nwoye.Later on, during a funeral, Okonkwo accidentally shoots and kills a boy.

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They bring a new political system, colonial government; and a new religious order, Christianity.

The two new systems weaken the cohesive force among the Igbos and leads to eventual collapse of the Igbo culture.

He is stoic and tough on the outside but he was not a cruel man.

Okonkwo’s life takes a turn a when an accidental murder takes place and Okonkwo was given the responsibility of adopting a boy named Ikemefuna from the village, Mbaino, where the murder took place.

Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest son, was a major character that accepted and embraced the new order to the disappointment of his father. He loathes war and violence, which Okonkwo cherishes.

He embraces the new religion, which Okonkwo vows to destroy.His body is evil, and only strangers may touch it." (178) He is excited to know that suicide is grave sin and none of Okonkwo’s clansmen may touch his body. His participation in the sacrificial killing of Ikemefuna could be said to have ruined Okonkwo's life.There is a memorable question that old Uchendu asks, which emphasizes the position of women in "Things Fall Apart" in a dramatic way: "Can you tell me, Okonkwo, why it is that one of the commonest names we give to our children is Nneka, or "Mother is Supreme" We all know that a man is the head of the family and his wives do his bidding.He becomes prosperous, thrifty, courageous, violent, and adamantly opposed to anything else that he perceives to be “soft,” such as conversation, music, and emotion.He marries three women and fathers eleven children among.Just when Okonkwo has finished his seven-year sentence and is allowed to return home, his son Nwoye converts to Christianity.Okonkwo is so bent out (“Things Fall Apart (Okonkwo Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words”, n.d.) Retrieved from he’s just killed his adopted son, Okonkwo shows no emotion because he wants to be seen as courageous and not weak like his own father was.Inside, though, Okonkwo feels painful guilt and regret.For instance, Igbo outcasts, the Osu, become accepted in the society.As the Christian religion gains legitimacy, more Igbo people including prominent sons became converted.


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