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Your work is important and worthy of professional presentation.

This manual lists Graduate College requirements for the mechanical aspects of meeting these high standards.

Just ensure they are in one of the suitable formats mentioned above.

Be aware that some of these utility graphing programs create very poor quality EPS and PDF files, which you may need to tidy up before using them in your documents.

Two final copies of the thesis must be submitted; both must meet all specifications of this manual.

The two final copies should be submitted unbound in a box to the Graduate College Degree Certification Office.The majority of users are still in the natural sciences, especially mathematics, physics, and engineering; but the biggest growth area in recent years has been in the Humanities.This page identifies some of the most frequently-requested resources for can automate most of the chores of formatting long, complex, or repetitively formatted documents (eg articles, books, reports, letters, essays, theses, manuals, etc).A copy is available from the Academic and Collaborative Technologies Unit.on Microsoft Windows are both capable of updating themselves over the network, and in certain circumstances of updating and adding new packages automatically or on demand.'s default typeface is Computer Modern (a variant of Monotype Series 8) because originally it was the only one with a comprehensive set of mathematical symbols.Nowadays the choice for mathematicians is a little wider (see the packages distributions (see the section ‘Using fonts’ for a list), including the ubitquitous Adobe ‘35’ (Avant Garde, Bookman, Courier, Helvetica, New Century Schoolbook, Palatino, Symbol, and Times New Roman).\chapter Your thesis will be published by University Microfilms Incorporated, Ann Arbor, Michigan.Upon certification by your major professor, your examining committee, and the Graduate College, a copy of the thesis and a Special Abstract are forwarded to UMI., so documents converted to wordprocessor formats will need extra work to convert back again, and some features such as change-recording cannot be preserved. Converting original wordprocessor documents ( Users Group.This contains complete installations for Unix and GNU/Linux, Apple Macintosh OS X, and Microsoft Windows; plus a complete snapshot of the entire CTAN repository.


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