Thesis Statement On Environmental Racism

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This is because the ongoing health of these people can’t be studied for correlations between an environment and it’s inhabitants once they’ve left that environment..

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Poverty is high, and pollution is an incorporated part of its urban ecosystem, and the massive Gordie Howe international trade crossing is about to run straight through the middle of it.

Despite its continued declining state, and the incoming new bridge, many still live in Delray.

What can be done to keep these powerful entities in check?

On whom does responsibility fall to make that happen? Our group proceeded to meet with representatives of environmental groups Zero Waste Detroit, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice and the Detroit chapter of the Sierra Club, and learned how people involved in these organizations are doing the real work at the political level to make tangible changes happen in their cities.

This summer, I took WRA 341: Nature and Environmental Writing, which offers students a chance to work on developing professional content in multiple formats in subjects like environmental justice.

On June 7, I went with a group of my classmates on a field trip to Detroit with professor Dr. Sackey is a professor of rhetoric and composition at Wayne State University in Detroit. He offered students a chance to observe locations spoken about in a lecture on Detroit given before the trip.The city has allowed corporations to marginalize Delray’s minority population, with ongoing approved industrial pollution in the immediate area.Delray is nearby what is considered the most polluted zip code in Michigan (48217) and one of the most polluted in the US.Sackey explained to students the effects of refineries like this one on the local population, like higher asthma rates in children.Residents in Delray believe that pollutants from factories are released at night or whenever air pollution isn’t being monitored, sneaking out their toxic emissions to foil regulators. Steel Great Lakes Works (on Zug Island), Lafarge Cement, the Detroit Salt Company, both DTE’s coal-fired plant and River Rouge Power Plant as well as many others in the area.The community is home to around 2,750 people, approximately 28 percent of residents under 18 years old and 43 percent are living below the poverty line.As the US auto industry wavered and evolved over the decades, Delray residents’ opportunity to achieve freedom is now imprisoning these people in their own community in blighted homes and acres of overgrown, abandoned areas.We visited Delray, a neighborhood (and former incorporated village) which resides along the Detroit River.Sackey informed us of the extreme environmental pollution which has afflicted Delray residents for decades.Delray, annexed by Detroit in 1905, still holds an important historical significance, as many of these families were first established in this neighborhood when they moved north to escape slavery in the South.Many found their life of freedom in Delray working at Detroit factories after escaping slavery and a segregated South, taking their chance at building a life free from slavery for the first time.


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