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Meanwhile, platform leaders can overcome most of the barriers with their ample resources, strong technological competences, and established distribution channels, among others.

Thus, the willingness of platform leaders to enter retail banking businesses is mainly limited by factors arising from strategic reasonability of such actions.

Moreover, a preliminary theoretical framework of market entry barriers is developed.

In the empirical section of the research, this framework is abductively refined by conducting eight semi-structured interviews with industry experts in order to uncover the research questions.

Kolmannen näkökulman osalta tutkimus identifioi maksupalvelut ja pienen mittakaavan lainoituksen segmenteiksi, joille nuorten finanssiteknologiayhtiöiden tulo on todennäköisintä.

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Sen sijaan, uusien toimijoiden markkinalle näyttää olevan epätodennäköisintä tilipalveluissa, suuren mittakaavan lainoituksessa, sekä sijoituksen ja varainhoidon palveluissa.Näitä nuoria finanssiteknologiayhtiöitä pidetään mahdollisina kilpailijoina perinteisille vähittäispankeille.Tämä tutkimus pyrkii kartoittamaan uusien tulijoiden disruptiivista potentiaalia Suomen vähittäispankkimarkkinalla tutkimalla uusien tulijoiden kohtaamia markkinalle tulon esteitä.Secondly, the study examines the ways that different entry barriers affect different types of entrants.Thirdly, the research studies the heights of entry barriers in different segments of retail banking.As for the first research perspective, this study finds 17 barriers that can deter the entry of potential market entrants.In the emerged framework, these barriers are categorized into five groups according to their source: Industry characteristics, firm capabilities, consumer behaviour, financial requirements, and post-entry profitability.Technological development has made it easier for new, technology-oriented companies to enter retail banking industry with digital solutions.These emerging financial technology firms are considered as viable competitors to traditional retail banks.As for the third research perspective, this research identifies payments and small-scale lending as the two market segments where the market is most likely to see entries by the emerging financial technology firms.On the contrary, the probability of new entries seems lower in account management, large-scale lending, and investment and wealth management services.


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