Thesis On Quality Service Delivery

Thesis On Quality Service Delivery-30
Interview, close ended questionnaires, FGD employed for data collection.The analysis conducted using SPSS through mean, standard deviations, correlations and stepwise regressions for the study.The stratification sampling approach was used to select customers who filled in questionnaires while purposive sampling was used to select Star Times staff and customers who participated in interviews.

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This study assessed the challenges faced by pay TV operators in Tanzania when striving to provide quality services to customers.

The research design used for the study was descriptive case study.

A SERVQUAL analysis was undertaken on the two Pietermaritzburg campus, viz. The study found that on average customers had high expectations in tangibles, reliability and assurance dimensions and their highest perceptions were found in the assurance dimension.

The study also found that management of DUT need to apply a varying degree of attention to the dimensions between the two campuses.

From the study it was found that service quality dimensions are positively related to customer satisfaction.

However, not all of them are significantly correlated to customer satisfaction.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The main objective of the study is to assess the quality of public service delivery and to examine the level of customer’s satisfaction in land management related service in Jinka Town municipality, South Omo Zone of SNNPR.This dissertation investigated the quality of service delivery at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Pietermaritzburg campuses.According to du Toit (202) student satisfaction is important in the Higher Education sector due to its role in effective enrolment management.The study recommends that paid television services providers have to improve performance on all the dimensions of service quality in order to increase customer satisfaction since consumers expect more than what they are offering.This will enable them maintain high level of competitiveness and achieve successful business performance.Municipal officials need to ensure that all tangible attributes related to employee performance create a desirable impact on customer perception of quality.This is important as customer continue to look for tangible cue as a means to reduce perceived service quality and describe their service experience in municipality of Jinka.Only one out of seven factors included in information on the practices of the public service delivery principles in the office has low mean effect which shows satisfaction of the customers.Other information on the practices of the public service delivery principles in the office totally fail to have an impact on customer satisfaction.


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