Thesis On Nostradamus

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Charles V had control over Spain, Germany, Holland, part of Italy, and some other European countries, including all the Spanish America.

So the King of Angoulmois was an European leader (Putin is European) who fought united Europe and did alliance with Muslims.

He writes: “…your personal computer will be able to stimulate the brain power of a small village by 2030.” Do robots become human or do human become robots?

Scientists have been developing robots to help around the home for several decades.

Nostradamus lived during a period when the Julian calendar was used and when the calendar change happened, 10 days were inserted in the calendar, so the day after 4th of October in 1582 was 15th of October.

This difference of 10 days means that our 9 of August was the 30th of July in Nostradamus epoch. Why did Nostradamus write in our calender - if he knew so much? This prophecy is perhaps the most accurate of our planet if we consider it was predicted near 450 years ago. The king of Angoulmois was the king of France during Nostradamus life.

A Canadian reviewer with Master in Religion and thesis in prophecies loved it. Mars is usually interpreted as war, but let´s forget it for while and just pay attention to the first 3 lines.

If you think you may be interested, please write to [email protected] Many prophecies were telling that something strange would happen in 1999 or 2000. There is an indication of time in one line and twice a king was mentioned.

Throughout the centuries, the advancement of mankind combined with ancient mysticism such as those practiced by Nostradamus, help prophets to determine potential events of the future.

In the modern era, they are known as futurists and although their predictions are based more on knowledge and vision rather than mysticism, they give us more insight into the shaping of the future than any centuries old prophet is able to.


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