Thesis On Employee Privacy Right In The Workplace

Thesis On Employee Privacy Right In The Workplace-48
Internet Privacy The main issue that will be addressed here is whether Internet privacy is appropriate in the sense that it can and should be used to control or regulate what is done in the workplace.

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One of the more important emerging issues is the need to balance the privacy concerns and…

Although, with this problem of monitoring employees, many are experiencing a negative effect on emotional and physical stress including fatigue, lowered employee morale and lack of motivation within the workplace.

Employers might choose to monitor employee activities using surveillance cameras, or may wish to record employees activities while using company owned computers or telephones.

If employers are stopping people from saying what they want to during an email, then they are taking away that right, some people believe.

Other people believe that employers have to draw the line somewhere, and not having email policies and Internet policies would cause employees to spend too much time with their computers, using them…Usually, employee monitoring can be limited to a record of the email traffic and the subject of those emails, without actually having to read the contents (Loney, 2002).Because email and Internet have not been around for a long time in the grand scheme of things, the rules on what a person can and cannot do are still being created.Personal feelings have shaped the way I feel because too many employees seem to think that the Internet is there at work for them to play with.When their employer looks to see where they have been or checks their emails to see what they have been doing, the employees react as though they are the offended parties.Clearly, a set policy as well as laws, are needed so that no one's first amendment rights are being violated in any way.According to the first amendment, everyone has the right to freedom of speech.Courts are finding that disputes between workplace privacy and freedom are being complicated with the advancement of technology as traditional rules that govern areas of privacy law are debatable and becoming less important.The EU Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data limits and regulates the collection of personal information on individuals, including workers.Under normal circumstances, though, it is not thought to be acceptable in that country.The most important thing for a company to do is to set out clear policies for Web and Email usage and let employees know up front whether they will be monitored so that there will not be any confusion in the future.


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