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2.4 This chapter provides a summary of the scientific research covered by recent major reviews, as part of a discussion of the evidence presented to this Committee based on the observations and research of witnesses and submitters to this inquiry.It concludes with an overview of current Australian and international research in this field.

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A memory effect is a net change in matter distribution due to radiation.

To substantiate these claims the thesis provides an assessment of the development of the American RF/MW standard from the 1950’s and its later revisions under the IEEE, the ongoing development of guidelines and standards by ICNIRP and IEGM and RF/MW standard development in Australia.

The thesis concludes with the argument that, given the sheer number of people exposed to RF/MW from telecommunications devices, there is an urgent need to reform the standard setting process and to conduct an international re-assessment of the biological limits placed on current RF/MW standards.

Other reviews include those conducted by the CSIRO in 1994, the European Commission in 1996, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) in 19, the World Health Organization in 1998, and the Royal Society of Canada and the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology in 1999.

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The conclusions and recommendations from these reviews will be referred to throughout this chapter.After these preliminaries, the electromagnetic analog of gravitational-wave memory, first analyzed by L. The memory vector is then found to consist of two parts: the ordinary memory vector and the null memory vector.The solution of Bieri and Garfinkle for the null memory vector is reproduced by expanding the flux F in terms of spherical harmonics.It stated that ‘because of its equivocal nature, the data base for RF emissions has limited value.It may be dangerous to make general statements on safety based on lack of evidence of harmful effects when so little relevant research has been carried out’.Recently, analogous effects have been studied in the context of gauge theories.This thesis is focused on the memory effect present in electrodynamics.Many studies have been conducted to examine the relationship between radiofrequency radiation and biological and health effects, however to date, the results have been inconclusive.2.2 Several recent expert reviews provide an analysis of the relevant scientific literature, with last year’s UK Stewart Report considered the most comprehensive so far.In response to these concerns, and with support from the World Health Organization’s International EMF Project (IEMFP) human exposure limits have been developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation protection (ICNIRP).These limits, although differing in detail, are founded on the same scientific literature base and deem that the primary hazard to be considered in setting human exposure limits is thermal.


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