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Therefore, differentiating with respect to T produces the following: ln Q N, V 3N 2T Insert this result into the equation for h Ei given above: ln Q 3N 2 2 h Ei k B T k B T 2T N, V 3 h Ei N k B T 2 8.

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At a fixed temperature this means that the partition function will increase.

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics which studies the laws of govern the conversion of energy from one form to another.Determine the average energy, h Ei, for a monatomic ideal gas given the partition function for this gas, 1 Q(N, V, T ) N! N V h Ei k B T (c) h Ei k B T 2 (d) h Ei k B T N V (e) h Ei k B T 3N 2 (f) h Ei h2 N V 3N 2T Answer: First, rearrange this equation, 1 Q(N, V, T ) T N! Take the natural log of both sides of the partition function and separate the terms to obtain 3N 3N ln T ln N ln V ln Q(N, V, T ) N !2 2 h2 Note that only the second term in the above equation depends on T .Our specialists are ready to work with such disciplines: If the science or subject you are interested in is not on the list, ask us about it.As said previously, we are ready to help you at any moment.We can proudly state that our thermodynamics homework help online works with experts who obtain a higher degree in many fields.When people hire for the jobs we propose, they go through multiple tests and interviews to prove they are really the best.It gets harder when you have a lot of technical tasks in classes like physics, mechanics, or thermodynamics.Well, there is a solution: our thermodynamics homework help.That branch is not easy for the student that is why the main aim of Assignment Expert is to provide real thermodynamics help.Thermodynamics help is specially created for those who needed in our attention.


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