The Shame Of The Nation Essay

Many people remember the public shaming of Justine Sacco or maybe Lindsey Stone that went viral and cost both women years of online reputational damage.

People from all walks of life participated in vilifying these women—the majority never meet them or knew them, however with the click of a keypad, were able to ruin their lives.

We shame to pressure outliers to conform to our norms—even if no one can agree anymore what those standards should be.

Of course, shaming in America dates as far back as the days of the Puritans, when those deemed to have crossed their thin moral line were subject to being stoned, scorned, thrown into stocks, or worse.

How can there be such huge differences within the public school system of a country, which claims to provide equal opportunity for all? Towns close enough to easily integrate face almost total segregation with abysmal conditions in the Black and/or Latino schools and tremendously good resources in the white schools.

It becomes obvious to Kozol that many poor children begin their young lives with an education that is far inferior to that of the children who grow up in wealthier communities. Although the statistics are more than 10 years out of date, the reality of America school segregation has not changed. Jonathan Kozol revealed the early period’s situation of education in American schools in his article Savage Inequalities.

Author Jonathan Kozol suggests in Savage Inequalities that public schools promote nothing but inequalities among students.

In actuality, finding the root of this problem is much more involved. With his travels, expert testimony and personal stories gathered from the people within the community and schools, he shows the exact opposite of equality. increases the inequality problems by overpopulating the inner-cities that do not offer as many employment opportunities.

Minority schools being his main focus, he discusses the inequalities these students endure and truly opens up your eyes to just how awful these minority schools have it. As a result of the inequalities in this district, the children are not allowed as many opportunities as other fortunate individuals may receive growing up in a separate society.

Jonathan Kozol is successful in his writing of The Shame of the Nation, and makes himself a voice for these minority schools educational opportunities because the parents may not be able to provide educational resources. Kozol seems to think that the odds of these South Bronx children obtaining wealth and moving out of the area are slim to none.


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