The Book Of Night Women Essay

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For example, one moment the night woman is thinking about a firefly that is buzzing around her house, and the next moment she is likening love to a childhood lesson about shoes.

The use of ephemeral imagery and figurative speech further develops the hazy, dreamlike atmosphere of the story.

The shadow of her son against the curtain reminds the woman of her son’s father, an old lover who disappeared years ago.

As the boy tucks himself into bed, he wraps his mother’s red scarf around his neck.

Before he goes, he calls the night woman an avalanche and a waterfall.

After he leaves, the night woman sits outside and smokes a dry tobacco leaf.She tries her hardest to hide the truth of her nighttime activities from her son, in an attempt to preserve his innocence. Fifteen years ago, when Marlon James was working on his first novel, he requested an exorcism.The woman’s love for her son fuels most of her actions.She has sex with strangers to provide for their living, at great risk to herself and her body.She watches a group of women walk towards the marketplace and thanks the stars that her days are her own.She goes back into the house and hears her son waking up. She slips into his bed, tells him the angels have a lifetime to visit them, and then she rocks him back to sleep.When describing herself, the woman says she is stuck in the brief time between day and night, in the fleeting moments of amber-colored twilight.Later on in the story, she compares her son to a fluttering butterfly that momentarily rests on a rock: at any moment, he could fly away from her.In this story, the woman is portrayed as person who doesn’t depend on a man to succeed and give a good life to her kid.She was alone, she didn’t have the company of her mother either; but she was facing the challenges that the life put on her way, showing that women have the same strength, power, and ability to achieve success as men.


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