Technology Friend Or Foe Essay

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On the other hand, there are concerns that the advent of AI into the various sectors will lead to a “human clone” and the religious will claim that to be an act of “playing God.” There are also concerns over the impact of technologically advanced tools in the wrong hands.

These may prove to be weapons of mass destruction when used with the wrong intentions.

The video game industry grew by 9 percent in 2013 and exceeded $76 billion in sales.

That figure is expected to far exceed $80 billion by 2016.

Some would even go to as far as postulate that there will be over-reliance on machinery which would lead to redundancy in mankind as they will lose ability of simple tasks they were performing after having handed all responsibility over to a machine or computer.

An example would be how it has become easier to store information in the cloud, such that the ability to segment and organize is slowly fading since the internet will be handling every piece of data.

For instance, man would fall sick, take lunch breaks and need sleep.

Needless to mention stealing a few minutes for social media interactions which when compounded result in shocking hours of non-production.

At the same time, the emotional and psychological impact of playing them depends heavily on a child's age, their cognitive development, emotional maturity and other factors, so limiting access to some degree - and carefully monitoring consumption - is equally important. By understanding the benefits, you can help your child take better advantage of them.

A very pleasant side-effect of many video games is that their back stories are often very well thought out and engaging.


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