Teaching Grammar Through S Thesis

Teaching Grammar Through S Thesis-53
If you’re reading a whole-class text, take time to study the author’s craft.How does the author’s sentence structure impact the meaning or style of the passage?I have degrees in English, Curriculum & Instruction, and Reading as well as a reading specialist certification.

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I encourage you to explore the debates and figure out what you believe.

Does the research you find support or conflict with your beliefs?

The most effective ways I’ve found to build confidence are by providing scaffolding and proving growth. If lessons are relevant and meaningful, there’s nothing even remotely skunk-like about it. Lauralee from Language Arts Classroom shares her thoughts on the grammar controversy and how we should confront the controversy.

If students see that they have learned from point A to point B, they are more likely to own future lessons. An avid reader and writer, I've had the privilege of teaching English for over a decade and am now an instructional coach.

Ask students to find their favorite sentence in the chapter or story.

Then, examine what grammatical elements the author used to create it.

Most importantly, use your intuition and collect data from students. They will give you the most important feedback you will ever receive regarding effective instruction.

I’ve heard common questions about how to teach grammar. This is what I’ve learned, which doesn’t make it “right.” Take what works for you, add it to what you know about your students, and use it to amplify your own grammar instruction.

Teaching grammar in isolation means that students don’t learn how to transfer their command of grammar to reading, writing, and life. I frequently see people ask questions about why we teach certain grammar concepts, like parts of speech and parts of sentences.

Instruction is focused specifically on verbs, for instance, and students never spend time analyzing author’s verb choices or intentionally playing with their word choice to apply grammar understanding. Because they are not directly relatable to life (for students), it’s understandable why this question would emerge.


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