Swarthmore Political Science Thesis

He holds a Masters in Public Affairs from Brown University, specializing in civil-military diplomacy and nuclear strategy from Harvard University through the Brown-Harvard program.

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Alberto also holds a Masters of Arts degree in political science from UBC. She is more broadly interested in international security studies and U. foreign policy analysis, with a particular interest in the U. national security establishment's recent pivot towards great power competition. Kaustav has published in Foreign Policy, Economic and Political Weekly, and The Hindu. John's University where she double majored in Public Administration & Public Service and Sociology. Ryan has attended numerous sessions of the Supreme Court while serving as the Supreme Court analyst for several NBC affiliates. Her research focuses on the role of imagination in building and sustaining political communities.

His Masters' thesis investigated the role that Mexican primary school history textbooks had in constituting and sedimenting the state-sponsored, hegemonic Mexican national identity. Curriculum Vitae Cyril is a second-year Ph D student studying comparative politics and international relations. He holds an MA in Political Science from SUNY Binghamton, and a BS in Computer Science from Pune University. Her research focus is centered on Black politics, urban politics, and social welfare systems, with a regional emphasis on the United States. SCOTUSblog, the premier news and research site on the Supreme Court, has featured his research on Court-Congress relations and also published his article on why the Supreme Court should uphold the Voting Rights Act. His research is on the politics of economic adjustment in the advanced economies. in African Studies (Research) from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and a B. in African Studies from Bayreuth University in Germany. Her dissertation explores the importance of the imagination as a resource and a danger, focusing on the racial hierarchy in the US.

His research interests engage civil-military relations vis-à-vis security institutional design and interstate conflict, especially after a state acquires nuclear weapons.

His focus on political psychology and strategic behavior maps how nuclear proliferation shapes bluffing and signaling in crisis bargaining.

In this position, she led 18 colleges and universities in the Upper Midwest to develop community-based learning programs in Minneapolis, St.

Paul, Latin America, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world. Lang visiting Professor of Social Change at Swarthmore College, she piloted service learning for the political science department.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Delhi. He is also interested in the broad arrays of Marxist and critical theories, Greek tragedies, Russian Literature and history of Maths and Sciences. He is interested in international security studies, conflict, organizational structures, decision-making, foreign policy analysis, and has a particular interest in nuclear deterrence and other nuclear security issues. Eva is a second-year graduate student in comparative politics. Her interests are in methodology, insurgency, crime, and violence with a particular focus on Latin America. Her dissertation entitled, "The Art of Democratic Living: Recovering Alain Locke's Politics of Aesthetics," combines intellectual history and contemporary political thought in order to open new discussions about the relationship between aesthetics and politics, and democracy in particular. Previously, he was an adjunct fellow at The Century Foundation, a progressive think-tank based in New York, and held positions at the Pugwash Conferences for Science and World Affairs and NATO Center for Excellence on Defense Against Terrorism.

Curriculum Vitae Erik is a sixth-year Ph D candidate in comparative politics and international relations. Beenish is a second-year graduate student interested in international relations. Columbus is a second-year graduate student interested in political theory and American politics. Precious is a first-year graduate student in political theory. Her research interests include American political thought, democratic theory, black political thought, aesthetics and politics, affect theory, cosmopolitanism, and political psychology. Her project reads paranoia as a political affect in the work of Hannah Arendt, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Hobbes, and Richard Hofstadter. A, summa cum laude, from Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva.

For over 25 years, she has been a practitioner, leader, advocate, speaker, and author on the need for pedagogies of engagement in higher education.

She was a guest lecturer, visiting professor, and consultant on academic civic engagement at Carleton in the spring of 2006, and a Headley House Scholar-in-Residence during fall term 2006.


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