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Hey, maybe they’ll even get some much needed Vitamin D in the process!

As we said before, much of your child’s choice of homework location depends on their personal preferences.

It’s important to note that these successful students didn’t all use the same study habits; but rather, they were able to identify what worked best for them and stick to those strategies.

This is because every person takes in, processes, and learns information a little differently.

” because many times students will choose the convenient location over the one that leads to productivity.

If there’s a lot going on and you still find that your student is having a hard time focusing, encourage her to find outside locations.In this post, we’ll outline our top 3 choices for best places to do homework, along with some areas we recommend you avoid.Now let’s start off by saying, even though we’ll outline some good choices for homework spots, each child has their own particular learning preferences.I have attended 45 back-to-school nights over the past 40 years. But this school year, I witnessed an exchange between a parent and a teacher like nothing I had seen before. She shrugged and said there would be no punishment.A father at the public elementary school in an affluent neighborhood asked: “Does a student have to do the homework? That may not be entirely true, but that is what she said. Some parents wonder about this but don’t dare raise the question in a room full of other parents.This could be a public library, or staying after school for a homework club or a teacher’s office hours.Sometimes there’s just too many distractions in the home for a student to get a lot done.●More than half of the elementary school parents said the assignments they submitted were too easy for their children.Does that mean we need tougher homework in elementary school? Research shows that homework through fifth grade has little impact on achievement, compared with homework in middle and high school.The latest comes from the Center for American Progress, in an unusual report based on an online survey, “Homework and Higher Standards.” The report from the liberal think tank buttresses the pro-homework argument but suggests to me (usually a homework fan) an adjustment that might please that dad.The center collected a great deal of data, including a survey of 372 parents from throughout the country using an online tool that lets the parents submit homework samples.


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