Strategies For Critical Thinking In The Classroom

Mentoring – These strategies involved one-on-one interaction between the student and someone with greater expertise in the area of critical thinking.

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In your plan describe areas you will target for one year.

Also reflect on resources that you will need to implement this plan.

Note similarities between the two as relevant to critical thinking characteristics and skills.

State the similarities (chart form is okay) and discuss two elements that you believe relate to characteristics of critical thinkers.

Then write a paragraph using the strategy to explore a topic you are studying. Based on a work at

This course is designed as a framework for engaging students in active, critical thinking through content area subjects within the regular classroom.• There were no significant differences across subject areas, and the average effect size was significantly above zero in every subject area, demonstrating that it is possible to effectively teach critical thinking across a range of subjects.• Three categories of instructional strategies proved to be particularly effective at supporting students in developing critical thinking skills.We have copies of many of the textbooks should you wish to purchase directly from TEI.Professional development (PD) participants receive a certificate of completion from TEI for 45 hours of PD credit for face to face classes and 60 hours of PD credit for online classes.Included in this particular meta-analysis were 684 different studies. • There were no significant differences in studies that looked at different levels of education, which suggests that instruction in critical thinking can achieve at least some level of success at all grade levels.The average effect size was significantly greater than zero for all age groups except for adults.The strategies and topics discussed in this course make a positive difference in academic levels for students when applied to the classroom.Graduate participants earn 3 semester hours of graduate credit and will receive a transcript from one of our partner institutions below.These were: Dialogue – characterized by learning through discussion.These strategies involved critical discussions of specific problems or questions. They could be teacher-led or student-led and could take place in oral or written form.


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