Steps Of Writing A Research Proposal

But if you take it step-by-step, it’s easier than you think.After all, which would you rather read, A Comprehensive Discussion of Dating and Courtship Rituals in the United States or 10 Ways to Find the Perfect Mate?(Yeah, I’d pick the second one too.)The title of your research proposal should offer a clear, descriptive overview of your paper.It should include the following: This research project will focus on helicopter parenting.Helicopter parents are often defined as well-intentioned mothers and fathers who are overly involved in their children’s (and often their adult children’s) lives.The introduction to your research proposal will be two to three paragraphs and is much like the introduction to any research paper.You want to grab readers’ attention and provide an overview of your paper.The question this research project examines is whether such over-involvement is ultimately helpful or harmful to children.The project will include a brief overview of several common parenting styles, including permissive and authoritative parenting, and compare these parenting styles to helicopter parenting to examine both positive and negative outcomes of each parenting style.The introduction is more specific and introduces readers to the information in further detail.The literature review is just as it sounds: a review of the literature.


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