Stepparents Essay

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They may not be able to talk about how they feel about their new situation, but they will show you through changes in their behaviour.Some of the problems they could face in the meantime include: The best way for family members to handle fights and problems is to sit down and talk about them.Yelling or sulking do not work and just make things tense.It is also important that children and young people give themselves and everyone else time to adjust.A child needs to feel their problems and feelings are taken seriously, no matter how trivial their complaint or worry may seem to an adult.Teenagers aren’t children any more, but they’re not quite adults either.Some of the things an adolescent might go through include: Further down the track, even a well-established relationship between step-parent and stepchild can be disrupted.Lots of other people have had the same experience and got through it okay.Children need to know that there are plenty of people they can talk to about their thoughts and feelings.Some of the things that children say they like about being in a stepfamily include: It takes time for a child or young person to adjust to all the changes that moving into a stepfamily brings.It can be hard for the child to share a home with people they don’t know very well and harder still if it involves moving to another house in a new neighbourhood.


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