Starting An Event Planning Business Checklist

Starting An Event Planning Business Checklist-23
Whether the events are internal or external, large or small, they all have to be planned. As you decide, think about cost and the purpose of your event.Not sure how to plan an event, or even where to start? Your purpose drives how you plan, market, and execute your event. More people mean a larger venue and more food, but it could also mean a greater return on investment.

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Check out Meeting and Event Budgeting Made Easier for a few tips. Think about ways to incorporate event sponsors into the event.

After the actual event, the event budget is one of the most highly scrutinized aspects of any planning process.

Did you spend enough with certain vendors to qualify for volume discounts? Now, tracking tools have graphs built in so you can look at event spend in a more engaging way.

You don’t need to spend extra time laboring over a pie chart – it’s created for you.

In this guide, we talk through a basic event planning template, what it means to be a planner, and how event management software can simplify your processes.

What tools should you use to make your life easier?The event planning template below is a rough guide to give you somewhere to start. An external event is one outside of the organization that looks to register attendees. If you haven’t identified yours before you begin planning, then you’re starting off on the wrong foot. a three-day event to make sure the interest is there. But setting an event budget is crucial–and all stakeholders need to be on the same page.It doesn’t cover everything – one guide never could – but it will give you the basics. From there, identify if it’s a social event, a networking event, a conference, etc. Determine or nail down the event budget as soon as possible as you begin planning.Not everyone understands what a successful event looks like or how to determine ROI, but they do understand money.Whether your event budget is small or large, it’s important to know where each dollar is going.If you can’t easily track your event budget and use spend information to analyze an event’s effectiveness and improve year over year, you’re making things more difficult than they need to be.Technology has made event budget tracking easier than pen and paper or building out a complicated, formula heavy Excel sheet.Don’t let complicated Excel sheets create confusion.One of the major challenges with tracking spend is making sure that every single purchase is accounted for.There are tools you can use, from the Expensify App to more complicated budget tracking solutions, that make collecting, tracking, and analyzing event spend much easier.Curious if your go-to florist is increasing their fee by too high a percent year over year? Want to break down costs into categories such as venue, food, promotion, and more?


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