Spanish American War 5 Paragraph Essay

Spanish American War 5 Paragraph Essay-52
The Spanish American War of 1898 was a turning point for United States foreign policy because it established us as a world power by becoming a Imperialistic nation.

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Long before the Cuban Revolution, intellectual leaders such as John Fisk took Social Darwinism and applied it to the United States. They saw the territories, markets, and the raw materials Europe had gained by Imperialism, and concluded the U. had to do the same to prosper and develop as a nation.

Using the beliefs of Darwinism we had a belief of Anglo-Saxon supremacy and it was out destiny to venture out into the world, which became to be known as our Manifest Destiny.

Student A, in the essay excerpt above, successfully answers the inquiry question, presenting a clear thesis that captures mixed motives and casts the explosion as less important than other causal factors. For a less successful approach, see Paper B where the student does not answer the prompt and radically departs from the inquiry question and sources available.

Do you agree with this explanation of the causes of the Spanish American War? Use and cite evidence from the documents to support your analysis of this statement. The explosion of the US Maine was a relatively small event which, at any other time, would have had little impact on foreign policy.[2] However, because it occurred at the tense time it did, it sparked the Spanish-American war.[3] This is very different from saying it caused the war. These camps were filthy, with little food or water. Above is one of two examples of student work that address this question, but do so in fundamentally different ways.

Nonetheless, with heroics from the famous Rough Riders and other units, the war was never in much doubt and the US defeated the Spanish with relatively little difficulty.

On December 10, 1898, the Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the war.We kept this policy until the mid 1890's when situations in Hawaii, Chile, Venezuela, and foremost Cuba sprung up.The Cuban Revolution, which eventually led to the Spanish American war, made us become a imperialistic nation and thus a world power. should compete with other nations for wealth and power in the world.In Cuba, then a Spanish colony, angry nationalists known as the insurrectos began a revolt against the ruling Spanish colonial regime.When Spain sent in General "Butcher" Weyler to stabilize the situation in Cuba, he put much of the population in concentration camps. Maine caused the United States to invade Cuba in 1898." Use the documents provided and your own knowledge to evaluate this statement. These issues, centered around Cuba, would have come to a head eventually no matter what. These are mentioned in "Document B: Mc Kinleys War Message," and explained in detail in "Document C: Spanish Reconcentration camps."[5] This document describes the horrible conditions in the camps that the Spanish relocated the Cubans to. The United States felt it had a duty to stop these human rights violations, which was a big part of the reason for invading Cuba.[6] The Spanish-American War inquiry asks students to explain the causes of the War by evaluating the statement: "The explosion of the U. With careful reading, students will understand that there were multiple causes for the war. Although the explosion of the US Maine ignited it,[1] Spain and America had quarrels with each other that ran far deeper. The United States had bigger reasons for the invasion, both humanitarian and self-serving, and seems to have used the explosion of the US Maine as a focus for propaganda to justify it.[4] Among the United States stated reasons for [the] invading of Cuba were humanitarian issues. Maine caused the United States to invade Cuba in 1898." The document set presents a variety of long and short-term causes that challenge the notion that the explosion of the Maine singularly caused the war.But in 1901, before leaving, the US forced the Cubans to insert the Platt Amendment into their constitution, which gave the US a military base on the island (Guantanamo).Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines all became American protectorates, whose people, as the Insular Cases by the Supreme Court found, did not have full rights as American citizens.Some of the people in these new colonies were understandably upset, since they expected that they would be liberated just as Cuba had.Instead, the US kept the island colonies as coaling stations for its ships.


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