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When I consult my handy thesaurus, I find that some alternatives to “erroneous” include false, flawed, inaccurate, and spurious.

Since the writer wants to point out that the facts had some errors, the best word choice is “flawed.”The new, improved sentence is: “The facts were flawed, and the teacher rejected the argument.”As you can see, there is no need to be a sesquipedalian writer (a writer prone to using very long words).

In this sentence, the word “very” is repeated three times. A better sentence is: “The horse was beautiful; she had black fur and an elegant gait.”If the writer wants to convey that the horse wasn’t just beautiful, but that it was incredibly beautiful, she might choose to add a couple of smart word choices.

For example:“The horse was exceptionally beautiful; she had shiny black fur and an elegant gait.”It’s not uncommon for writers to develop crutch words.

The words you choose should be direct, informative, and leave no question in your reader’s mind about what you are trying to say.

Before joining Prep Matters, I worked in middle schools and high schools for a number of years as an English teacher.I know that in those settings, there are always bright straight-A students who desire to set themselves apart from their classmates.They do this by adding fancy vocabulary, lengthening sentences in their speech, and adding more writing to their paragraphs.If you want to sound smarter in your next writing project, don’t use words that sound smart. Yes, the scissors have their place in the world, but they are not designed to perform surgery. If you are writing a dissertation called “Statistical Methods in Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression Data with Applications to Biological Pathways,” then sure, you’re going to need some pretty complicated and scientific words to get the job done. No, he would use the most efficient tools for the job. Is the longest recorded word in English (this one with an astonishing 189,819 letters) also the smartest word in the world?However, if you’re writing a response paper to uckleberry Finn or creating marketing copy for the web, then using a straightforward set of English vocabulary that everyone understands will make your work smarter. This post is about how to become a better writer by using the right words.Now I’m going to break these tips down, and show you some examples to make it easier for you to learn how to become a better writer.At Kibin, we edit thousands of papers; from these, I’ve found some examples of writing that use poor diction.Some of the more common ones I see in papers I edit include however, therefore, very, really, think, believe, actually, and always.Check out this cool program that helps you find repeated words and phrases in your work.


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