Small Business Enterprise Assignment

To maintain status in the market and customers regarding their products and goods so has to provide some extra services with smart ideas and techniques, try to attract maximum customers to buy their products and goods in their life and give review or feedback to company in the positive way.If in case have any weak points in their services so has to be removing them fast and with smart ideas.For removing weak points of their business so find out issues and challenges first then adopt according to situation new techniques and methods and then create a effective planning and design and implement in the business and give proper information regarding their business system and define all process of working to employees.

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If in case they have any issues and problems so they give proper satisfaction to them and provide good quality of products at reasonable range (Bridge O'Neill 2012).

In the other hand, small business enterprise is the new and innovative business with new and innovative ideas and things those are help to increase productivity and build monopoly in their market.

Measuring performance of business and their employees helps to define status of the business and give to chance to adopt and use new and smart techniques and system of working so they can improve their working performance and efficiency of working.

When start a business has been face some problems and issues front of employees and departmental head of the business.

Mc Donald is the small business enterprise its want to start a new and innovative business and want to achieve objective and goals those are set by their head of the department.

Mc Donald is the food chain that provides different foods to customers and builds a effective image in the market and give proper satisfaction to them.Its can provide their services by online internet services so customers are easy to purchase and utilize their services to consume less time and easy to buy after using the products and goods so they can easy to give feedback and review regarding their services.This business can also provide home delivery to customers with taking less time and mange the quality of services and products so customers can be easy to satisfied and set a effective image in customers mind(Añón, Higón and Driffield 2011).Small business enterprise mean start a new innovative business at any place and provide effective and innovative products and goods to customers and try to set a effective image in the market and their customers mind.All business wants to build monopoly in the market try to beat all competitors.Its help to develop performance of employees and their service facilities to customers.Reviewing financial status of the business if it becomes down so easy to adopt new techniques and systems of working.They all have weaknesses to fight challenges in the market and their competitors.So when start a small business enterprise so always try to adopt new and smart technology for developing their in the market.If a business cannot set and identify their objectives, where they want to go in future and where want to set their business in the future so it’s hard to success business because its require to find out set some objectives and goals.All business and things has some motive and goals for achieving them do something innovative and new things adopt and using something new methods.


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