Small Business Continuity Plan Example

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This means that when a big incident strikes – you will have years of knowledge ready at your fingertips.

This means that when a big incident strikes – you will have years of knowledge ready at your fingertips.If you want to increase your Organizational Resilience, start with preparing a Business Continuity Plan and check out BCP Builder’s Business Continuity Planning Templates.All you need to do is record their knowledge and you have your first draft. What creates a robust plan is ongoing maintenance and updates.

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Should disaster strike you don’t want to discover that your business continuity plan doesn’t actually work – you’ll have other stuff to worry about! Organise a dry run during a quiet period and simulate a power cut or an earthquake – you could even turn it into a fun team building exercise.

Walk through every step of your continuity plan and ensure each task is achievable, straightforward and necessary.

Businesses – especially fast-growing young businesses – change, so make sure your business continuity plan is updated regularly to include new systems, providers, members of staff, premises and / or equipment.

If you change your plan significantly, it’s definitely worth another dry run to make sure the updated plans work.

Another reason you may need a Business Continuity Plan is somebody has asked you for it.

Small Business Continuity Plan Example

A lot of BCP Builder’s users have joined because either a manager or a client has asked them to provide a Business Continuity Plan.Join 11,000 clients who trust our advice, support, and leading accountancy software for their business.Choose exactly what accountancy support you need with our new tool and get a quote in 60 seconds.You will know that it is a robust document that meets international standards.I strongly believe that you can prepare a Business Continuity Plan in one week – if you have the right people around the table. Fires, natural disasters, sudden illness; these are things that happen to other people. The floods in the winter of 2013/14 affected more than half a million businesses around the UK, and many of those were unable to operate at all due to cut-off transport links or flooded premises which prevented them from taking delivery from suppliers or servicing their customers. In 2013/14 there were 2,500 fires in industrial premises in the UK, 246,000 workplace injuries occurred, and 180 workers were killed on the job.You also need to plan for your business operations to continue (even in a vastly reduced capacity) if, for example: Many businesses are effectively location independent nowadays, so adverse weather isn’t as much of a challenge as it was historically.Similarly, data loss isn’t the huge risk it used to be now that most company email and storage is hosted by Google, Microsoft, Amazon or other providers who look after data on our behalf.All of this should hopefully convince you that, while the odds are still small, disaster can strike, and as a responsible business owner you need to be prepared – especially if you have employees who are relying on you for a paycheque. Business insurance should be your first stop to make sure money isn’t an issue if the worst should happen – speak to a professional insurance specialist to make sure you have all the cover you need.Insurance will cover the costs of getting your business back in operation after a catastrophe – but it won’t be much help if all your customers have switched to other suppliers in the two weeks it took you to re-open your office.


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