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Skeleton Book Report Project-11
The market is damaged by violent tremors, and the patrons hear screams in the mist.

The market is damaged by violent tremors, and the patrons hear screams in the mist.

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As a result, when posted altogether, they created the effect of a wall of dancing skeletons!

First, I reproduced a skeleton pattern for each student, and then we completed the skeleton art project together in class.

Before they leave, however, one of Norton's followers ties a 300-foot clothesline around his waist to tell the remaining patrons when they get past that distance.

At approximately 200 feet, however, Norton's group is attacked by a large, unseen creature and the clothesline is severed, proving to the remaining patrons that there are creatures in the mist.

A bloody-nosed man rushes in, ranting about something in the mist taking John Lee.

The patrons watch as the mist moves across the parking lot towards the market and engulfs it.Later, plump, flying creatures land on the store windows, and large, pterodactyl-like predators follow them and pluck them off the store windows to eat, one of the birds eventually breaking into the store.After killing Tom Smalley, the bird-monster is burnt to death by David with a torch, and the hole left by the creature is covered up with crates.Carmody, who orders her followers to sacrifice Billy and Amanda.However, before her followers are able to do so, Mrs.As a result of the failed expedition, the remaining survivors in the store are divided into two groups: David's group, which consists of the still-sane, rational-minded survivors, and Mrs. David and Ollie eventually discover two soldiers from the military base have committed suicide via hanging, and Ollie speculates that the Arrowhead Project released the mist and its inhabitants from another dimension.Carmody's congregation, which consists of a large number of survivors who have been driven insane by the mist, and now follow Mrs. The next morning, David and his group are about to use David's car to escape the store, but they are intercepted by Mrs.The next morning, an expedition to the nextdoor pharmacy lead by David and consisting of Ollie, Jim, Hilda Reppler, Dan Miller, Buddy Eagleton and Mike Hatlen is made to bring back supplies for the injured, but Jim runs off and is killed by an unseen creature, and the group finds the pharmacy overrun with spider-like predators which produce corrosive webs.Buddy, Dan and Mike are all killed in the ensuing battle, and David, Ollie and Reppler narrowly escape back to the market.The Mist is a 1980 novella published by Stephen King in his short story collection, Skeleton Crew.The story centers around a group of people who are trapped in a local grocery store by a thick mist which conceals otherworldly monsters.


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