Should Athletes Be Paid Essay

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As an additional benefit, college athletes would also be more likely to stay in school until they graduate, because they would be earning money and wouldn’t have to worry about dropping out to financially support their families.

What harm could come from giving college athletes a respectable level of freedom and opportunity when it comes to making money from playing sports?

Perhaps at one point in time the practice of not letting them do so made sense, but we are now living in an age when there are so many options for marketing oneself, and college athletes have access to none of them.

As a fan of college sports and a friend of several college athletes, I feel obligated to support them in any way I can when it comes to changing these policies so that they can start to make income.

I’ve never heard anything about students in these majors being prohibited from promoting themselves, so why are college athletes restricted from doing so?

Allowing athletes to sign endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Adidas would be a huge step forward, and it would benefit both the players and the companies.

Music majors with scholarships are completely free to be part of and play in school performances while also going out and performing at clubs to make money.

The same goes for students studying acting in college and performing in school films while also being allowed to act in films outside the school.

If the National Collegiate Athletic Association will not to allow college athletes to be paid for playing the sports, then they should at least let them make money by marketing themselves.

Players don’t make any money from the selling of merchandise, such as their jerseys.


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