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Alas, while natural prairie grasses can survive a drought the wheat that was planted could not and, when the precipitation fell, it shriveled and died exposing bare earth to the winds.

Alas, while natural prairie grasses can survive a drought the wheat that was planted could not and, when the precipitation fell, it shriveled and died exposing bare earth to the winds.This was the ultimate cause of the wind erosion and terrible dust storms that hit the Plains in the 1930s.First we ran a small ensemble of simulations with the atmosphere model forced by 1920s sea surface temperatures (SSTs) to act as our base of comparison for the simulated 1930s.

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Dust storms became black blizzards because the entire land had been ploughed over and stripped of grass.

The lessons we can draw from USA’s conversion of the countryside from a bread basket to a dust bowl are: (i) Man must respect the ecological conditions of each region.

The distribution for the 1920s is of course spread around zero. The combination of SST forcing and interactive dust forcing intensifies the drought.

Box and whisker plots for precipitation anomalies, averaged over the central United States (30N-48N, 105W-85W).

(ii) Man’s uncontrolled ambitions, greed and desire to conquer nature can lead to ecological disbalance and nature’s wrath.

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(iii) Technology and development should be nature friendly otherwise the very livelihood of mankind could be at stake.For wonderful books on the topic see Worster (1979, Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s) and Egan (2006, The Worst Hard Time).But did the dust storms have a meteorological impact? First we know from studies elsewhere in the world (e.g.the Sahel) that dust can impact circulation and precipitation.Second the Dust Bowl drought was unique in its spatial pattern - further north than is typical for a La Niña forced, or La Niña plus warm subtropical North Atlantic forced, drought. " Did the dust storms impact either the intensity of the drought or its area of impact?This created a drought that, as is typical for models forced by 1930s SSTs, was centered too far into the Southwest relative to the observed drought.Then we introduced an estimate of the increased dust source from crop failure in the 1930s.Here we have used the anomalies for each year in the observations and each year in the model run and for each of the 5 ensemble members.The boxes contain the one standard deviation spread of the anomalies and the whiskers bound the entire distribution.This was guided by maps of wind erosion prepared in the 1930s by the newly created Soil Conservation Service.Regions of severe wind erosion were put into the model as potential dust sources although the model's dust module determines the actual lifting up, transport and deposition of the dust.


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