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The staff sergeant is a more experienced leader of soldiers.It is proper to expect that the staff sergeant can bring the benefits of that experience to bear in any situation and under all circumstances.

The staff sergeant is a more experienced leader of soldiers.

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The authority of the sergeant is equal to that of any other NCO rank.

The sergeant must be unquestionably competent in order to carry out the mission correctly, accomplish each task and care for assigned soldiers.

As the command sergeant major is known as the epitome of success in the NCO corps, the corporal is the beginning of the NCO corps.

As the NCO corps is known as the backbone of the Army, the corporal is the backbone of the NCO corps.

The platoon sergeant is expected to embody all the traits of a leader.

FIRST SERGEANT AND MASTER SERGEANT: When you are talking about the first sergeant, you are talking about the lifeblood of the Army.CORPORAL: The corporal was established in 1775 with the birth of the Army and the NCO corps.Along with the rank of sergeant, the corporal is the only rank that has never disappeared from the NCO corps.Perhaps their ranks insignia should be the keystone rather than the traditional one depicted here.It is the position of first sergeant in which almost all unit operations merge.It is to the rank of sergeant that the privates look for example.Sergeants are responsible for the individual training, personal appearance and cleanliness of their soldiers.Whether platoon sergeant or sergeant first class, this is the first level at which the term senior NCO property applies.The platoon sergeant or sergeant first class generally has 15 to 18 years or more of military experience and is rightfully expected to bring that experience to bear in quick, accurate decisions that are in the best interest of the mission and the soldier.SERGEANT: Of all the NCO ranks, this one, very possibly, has the greatest impact on lower-ranking soldiers.Privates, who are the basic manpower strength of the Army, generally have sergeants as their first NCO leaders.


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