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In this study, the experiences of a recently graduated LGBT Boston Public Schools student were investigated through qualitative research methods.Interviews with the student were analyzed to determine what factors contributed to his overall positive experiences and mental health as a bisexual student attending Boston Public Schools.

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University leaders are quick to argue that athletics act as a front porch for universities, are a fundamental part of collegiate life, and that increased athletic funding will lead to enrollment increases and higher quality applicant pools.

Critics of athletic spending, on the other hand, argue that money spent on college sports could be spent in other areas of the university.

Motivation consists of the factors that stimulate the desire to attain a goal.

Self-efficacy is defined as the belief in one's capabilities to carry out, organize and perform a task successfully ...

International Journal of Secondary Education (IJSEDU) deals with both education theory and research and their implications for teaching practice.

It prefers to publish original studies that contain data about school and classroom processes in elementary or middle schools while occasionally publishing integrative research reviews and in-depth conceptual analyses of schooling.All the social indicators demonstrate that Australia’s First Nations people continue to be the most socio-economically disadvantaged population cohort in Australian society.This is after decades of continued policy efforts by successive Commonwealth, state and territory governments to ameliorate Indigenous education disadvantage. Education researchers, policymakers and private enterprise agree that, in addition to content knowledge, students in the 21st century need to acquire particular skills to equip them for active citizenship in the modern world.Here, a youth receives her Certificate of Citizenship from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Citizenship Judge Marie Senecal-Tremblay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on April 17, 2019.To empower children means to nurture them as they develop skills to take charge of their lives.Gender, race, ACT scores, GPA, lunch status, and extracurricular activities were collected from both ...The NAEP (2016) report shows that the performance of the country’s highest achievers is increasing in reading while the lowest-achieving students have lower scores than previous reports and are performing worse than ever.The Mathematics Association of America (MAA) has reported the national average of unsuccessful Calculus 1 students to be 25%.At the conclusion of the spring 2015 semester at Western Michigan University (WMU), the rate was approximately 40%. In a rapidly changing world, there is widespread agreement that students require new levels of skill in collaborating, communicating, thinking critically, innovating, solving problems and applying what is learnt in new contexts, underpinned by values and dispositions that include a commitment to social inclusion, responsible citizenship and respect for human rights.The study then conducted focus groups with elementary, middle and high school teachers to assess they ideas on why soft skills are ...As university budgets face fiscal challenges, it is important that university leaders make smart fiduciary choices.


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