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However, the “power to do” exemplified by The Scarlet Letter as the core of the pragmatic secularist’s vocation finds its modern expression in The Checklist Manifesto’s fetishizing of medical work in a deliberate move to ideologically dismantle the pervasive epistemic fetishism undergirding health research and praxis.This paper sets off from the scholarly discussion around the concept of autonomy in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.

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This new attitude in presenting the female character is an outcome of different discourses that collaborated in drawing the attention of particular writers to see women with new perspectives.

The study deals with Hawthorne's deviation in the depiction of his female character.

Raymond Williams's concept, 'structure of feeling,' refers to the way new generation feels life and shapes its creative response in a new structure of feelings.

This concept can be understood thoroughly by analysing Nathaniel Hawthorne's...

There is no joy or bonding communal celebrations within the members of the community.

The community thrives on the shame of others and it permeates their conversations and life.

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Beginning with the community, Hawthorne represents them within the setting, which is either at the church, in the graveyard, or at the prison. The sinner is condemned in the church, sent to a prison for his/her actions, or sin may result in a figurative death on several levels of human experience.

Even more powerful is what Hawthorne fails to put into the novel about the community.


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