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Samsung has been without a chairman for two years, after the patriarch had a heart attack. Lee in the West, is part of the third generation of the Lee family to lead the conglomerate.

The crisis is particularly difficult not only for the company, but for South Korea’s relatively young democracy. While his father was widely seen as old-fashioned, Mr.

South Korean prosecutors have requested the arrest of Jay Y.

Lee, the Samsung vice chairman, for bribery linked to the corruption scandal around President Park Geun-hye.

In 1969 it establish and developed the different business to electronic market that make Samsung flourish into the world’s leading electronic brand.

Samsung became the leading electronic manufacturers in Korea by catering to the international market.One is Kwon Oh-hyun, who helped Samsung become a leader in memory and semiconductor operations.The other, Choi Gee-sung, was crucial in building the company’s television unit, which eclipsed Sony’s a decade ago. Lee, 48, is vice chairman of Samsung, but he has been widely considered the company’s de facto leader since his father, Lee Kun-hee, had a heart attack in 2014. Lee led Samsung from its roots as a components supplier to a maker of consumer products, establishing a global brand and shedding a reputation for cheap goods.Concern is mounting over the possible economic impact of arresting the head of South Korea's biggest company.HONG KONG — Samsung, the giant maker of products as varied as cargo ships and smartphones, is one of the driving forces of the South Korean economy.One of the country’s most important companies might be wounded, and the nation’s leadership has been thrown into disarray. Lee has often been portrayed as the right leader for a vast, stodgy business empire needing to refocus. In a statement on Monday, Samsung denied any bribery or making “improper requests related to the merger of Samsung affiliates or the leadership transition.” But the move by prosecutors casts Mr. Lee has been painted by Samsung as equally comfortable in Silicon Valley and in the boardroom, as a leader who could open up the clannish business and reinvigorate Samsung’s flagging reputation for innovation in consumer technology.The bribery crisis has dominated the news for days in South Korea, where Samsung and other huge “chaebols,” or family-controlled industrial empires, are embedded in politics and in the national identity. Prosecutors say Samsung made payments in exchange for a decision by the government-controlled National Pension Service to support a contentious 2015 merger of two Samsung affiliates. Lee in a different light, as a leader similar to his father, who was convicted of white-collar crimes but pardoned twice. Lee’s pledge to make Samsung more transparent and more responsive to shareholders. Samsung is the world’s biggest maker of cellphones.“Beyond the arrest itself, this is going to be a big blow to the narrative they’ve been building,” said Geoffrey Cain, the author of a coming book on Samsung.In this report we have evaluated the literature and actual brand strategies used by Samsung.Samsung Electronics Company is worldwide leading consumer electronics brands which have very high opponents in the same business field like HTC, Sony, Panasonic, and Nokia.In one example of his drive, two decades ago he gathered 150,000 Samsung phones that failed quality tests and set them on fire. Lee, Samsung has focused again on components, a sector that has benefited from companies wanting to add features to their phones.Late last year, the company struck an billion deal to buy Harman International to make smart components for cars. Lee has also pledged to make changes to ensure that Samsung’s corporate governance meets international standards.


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