S-E-X-Y Essay Plan

These words will contain all the emotional significance of the story.They are what will make Miranda feel loved; and they are also the same words that will destroy all her illusions as the boy of a cheating father (Laxmi's cousin's son) pronounces them and explains his understanding of it. Like an unexpected cold shower, those words hit Miranda and woke her from her dreams of romance and love.

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As the story progresses, readers learn of the character of the Das family and their Indian driver, Mr.

Kapasi, through Kapasi’s subjective account of the trip.

This essay seeks to analyze the story by Jhumpa through revealing the weaknesses and strengths of the story.

It also gives a suggested title for the story with a detailed rationale.

It is a story about the difficulties and the dynamics of a family abroad.

S-E-X-Y Essay Plan

The title suits the story as it includes all the different aspects of how characters move from bad to good state it details how each character faces an aspect of going from hell to heaven.

He is the son of Laxmi's cousin and with what he said: " that's what my father did; he sat next to someone he didn't know, someone sexy, and he loves her instead of my mother", Miranda understood that more truth was told in that innocent boy's words than anything she could have let herself believe in. Contrast Treatment of Sex between Men and Women in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The sake” and Gao Xingjian’s “Dialogue and Rebuttal” Introduction Contemporary literature captivates the essence of diaspora and enthrals within the compass of its theme, the issue of immigration and sense of uprooting form native socio-cultural milieu.

With flowing narrative, Lahiri unfolds the complexity of human relationships, in this story that touches everyone. Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake” and Gao Xingjian's “Dialogue and Rebuttal”, both the literary pieces captivate the breakdowns of communication and differences arising from the distinct socio-cultural background.

Lahiri successfully develops a complex character and manages to unravel the difficulty of love relationships.

Miranda is not the typical detestable mistress one could easily blame or hate, like Laxmi hated the woman that caused her cousin's disgrace.


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