Rubric For Creative Writing Assignment

Rubric For Creative Writing Assignment-16
The girl's work was a skillful replication of things she'd seen before.

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Myriad opportunities for fostering creativity are right under our noses in school, because learning is a generative act.

However, what's missing in many classrooms is deliberately noticing and naming opportunities for creativity when they occur, giving feedback on the creative process, and teaching students that creativity is a valued quality.

She even drew a picture of a bobcat (pictures were not required) that was a spot-on replication of the school mascot. Her comments gave students the impression that the girl's poem was perfect and that the boy's poem was not so good, mostly because of that one misspelled word and the fact that his lines sloped downward on the poster.

A boy wrote an acrostic poem with the first letter of each line spelling out his name: A for "agressive" (unfortunately spelled incorrectly); N for "nutty"; and so on. This assignment was a giant missed opportunity for both students.

Those are all great qualities that we can assess in their own right, but we shouldn't confuse them with creativity.

As early childhood educator Lilian Katz once railed, "Creativity is not animals with long eyelashes!

However, if you ask students to compare two specified characters and just give them choices about whether they want to write an essay, give a speech, or write a song, students will not have that opportunity.

Creativity is not a synonym for clever, humorous, artistically pleasing, enthusiastic, or persuasive.

" Rather, criteria for creativity should match what we expect in creative work: originality and high quality.

Creative students The first four characteristics lead to qualities in the work that we can observe, assess, and provide feedback on. Are ideas organized in a fresh way and uniquely suited to the problem or product?


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