Research Papers On Serial Killers

The study of serial killers has always interested psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists and ordinary people.

This applies to the choice of weapons, crime scene, victim, way of killing, time of day, and many other factors.

Writing a serial killer informative essay, you can mention Theodore Bundy as a classic example of an organized non-social murder.

This charming young man has become one of the most famous criminals in the history of mankind largely due to his external attractiveness, intelligence, charm, the ability to create an image of supportive and educated person.

A classic disorganized antisocial murder is Richard Chase, a schizophrenic nicknamed "The Vampire of Sacramento".

Next, you must provide an evidence (some statistical information, examples of famous maniacs). What thoughts will appear in his head after an acquaintance with your statement?

Compile a list of research questions about serial killers related to your topic and answer them consistently. In most works, types, and motives of serial killers are described.

He just had to get acquainted with case materials or results of a crime scene examination.

In the 1970s, Robert Ressler's main goal was to compile portraits of alleged criminals.

He tried to identify common patterns in the formation of their characters and future actions.

FBI agent determined that each maniac has his own "handwriting".


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