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Content based Image Retrieval with Graphical Processing Unitfree download Content-based means that the search analyzes the contents of the image rather than the metadata such as colours, shapes, textures, or any other information that can be derived from the image itself.

Each area contains a short text explaining in brief results we achieved including links to related journal papers.

read more Image registration is a process of matching and overlaying two or more images of the same scene.

We consider mainly noise, blurring and insufficient resolution.

The main research topics are read more We have been involved in several cultural heritage applications.

In this work, we demonstrate a simple analysis of Asymmetry Analysis of Malignant Melanoma Using Image Processing: A Surveyfree download ABSTRACT Skin cancer is one of the cancers, which is not prominent and considered much like other cancers.

Malignant melanoma is the third type or stage of skin cancer which leads to death.Several studies examining profile inference have been reported to date.Although information of various types is included in SNS, most such studies only use text Applying human brain image processing methods to honeybee calcium image datafree download Summary Methods developed for analyzing human brain f MRI data have great potential for application to brain imaging data of different spatial and temporal scales, different imaging methods, and different species.Image processing is manipulation of an image that has been digitised and uploaded into a computer.Software programs modify the image to make it more useful, and can for example be used to enable image recognition.Our department has a strong research program in the areas of image processing and image-based pattern recognition.Many results and algorithms we developed are generic in their nature and find their use in numerous application can be prevented only when it is detected at a very early stage but that's the Comparison of PET template-based and MRI-based image processing in the quantitative analysis of C11-raclopride PETfree download ABSTRACT Background: Quantitative measures of 11C-raclopride receptor binding can be used as a correlate of postsynaptic D2 receptor density in the striatum, allowing 11C- raclopride positron emission tomography (PET) to be used for the differentiation of Darkroom: Compiling High-Level Image Processing Code into Hardware Pipelinesfree download ABSTRACT Specialized image signal processors (ISPs) exploit the structure of image processing pipelines to minimize memory bandwidth using the architectural pattern of line- buffering, where all intermediate data between each stage is stored in small on-chip A Mobile CMOS Image Sensor Test System Through Image Processing Techniquefree download ABSTRACT A CMOS image sensor is widely used in embedded camera, such as smartphone, on mobile device.It is necessary to pixel test of the image sensor for a successful operation and bad-pixel detection.These results are explained in more detail under the following links.Our experience with moments and moment invariants gained from years of research in this area resulted in two books covering the current state-of-the-art and presenting the latest developments in this field.


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