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This is because humans are all rational beings and they have reasons, which make them distinctive from animals.

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That is, as mentioned earlier, humans are rational beings and pleasure and suffering are not their sovereign masters.

Also, he criticizes utilitarianism as follows; people who believe utilitarianism despise the minority rights.

S and Japan still deny the tendency that capital punishment should not be carried out.

In my opinion, I disagree with the thoughts of the U. Therefore, it seems to me that capital punishment should not be implemented considering two representative philosophers’ point of view, which is Utilitarianism by represented by Jeremy Bentham and Kantianism by Immanuel Kant.

What matters worse, the capital punishment for de facto innocent people make not only the relatives and acquaintances of such people but also judges and even the persons concerned with victims feel guilty. Deterrence: states without the death penalty have had consistently lower murder rates.

Therefore, the concept that capital sentence leads to maximizing utility does not make sense. id=GALE|A171581290&v=2.1&u=lacc_main&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w Death Penalty Information Center.

How many countries in the world still have the capital punishment?

In the article, “The global debate on the death penalty,” Babcock (2007) mentions that not less than 129 countries virtually or legally do not accept death penalty.

In other words, it is important for them to take account of the balance of happiness and suffering.

However, in fact, humans are all supposed to be ruled by pain and pleasure.


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