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He was just like the weirdest prehistoric person I had ever studied in my history class. The people living near there were shouting at him cruelly, clapping their hands, and saying, "Beggar! Realizing their negative response, he lowered his wrinkled-up face. All of them pushed him to accept the beggardom that seemed the life for the lowest class in the society. Because of that, maybe he thought he didn't have any right to respond for his honor and also he was really tired of struggling for his difficult and lonely life.Beggar-thy-neighbor policy, in international trade, an economic policy that benefits the country that implements it while harming that country’s neighbours or trading partners.It usually takes the form of some kind of trade barrier imposed on the neighbours or trading partners or a devaluation of the domestic currency to gain competitive advantage over them.Economists after Smith confirmed his belief through research that showed that adopting such policies could trigger Beggar-thy-neighbor policies have been used by many countries throughout history.They were widely popular during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when countries desperately tried to prevent their domestic industries from failing.As such, micro sociologists and/or anthropologists of an empirical bent have done little research in India on poverty in general and the problem of beggary in particular.The objective of this research is therefore to contribute to the apparent literature gap and to compensate the in balance by utilizing qualitative and ethnographic analysis of the beggary problem in the context of the saint days of the modern times.newline To this effect, questionnaire schedule, participant observation, individual interviews and in depth case studies have been composed in an effort to present moving and intimate views of the poor in relation to their past and present in the framework of the dynamics of the socio- economic history of the country at large.This was done amid the complexity of the beggary problem and the diverse nature of the life experiences of each individual beggar considered in the study.According to Smith, the doctrine of mercantilism taught that nations should beggar all their neighbours to maximize economic gains.Smith believed that long-term gains from free trade would far outweigh the short-term benefits that might be derived from the protectionist policies advocated by the mercantilists.


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