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I see that the psychological work is about working with my psychological blocks and the spiritual aspect is about feeling held in something bigger than myself. I like the ordinariness of how the spiritual is talked about – not as something separate from me but connected to how I live my everyday life – it is of the personal and beyond the personal , hence the term transpersonal. For me, spirituality is about unlearning, not learning more.

This suggests a fundamental non acceptance that we aren’t ok as we are – there is a norm we have to measure up to.

Set within a larger spiritual/transpersonal framework, ‘what is wrong and what needs fixing’ are viewed as the aspects of ourselves that hold our potential – our psychological wounding is one of the ways the Self manifests in the world.

Holds the approach/frame that I have described – providing what we call ‘bifocal vision’ – working with what is and what is trying to manifest/emerge and being blocked by psychological defences.

Psychosynthesis provides short term and long term therapy.

For me the terms spiritual and transpersonal are interchangeable – term transpersonal – meaning beyond /across the personal.

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So first, a bit of context -Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli in the early part of the 20th century.

In Psychosynthesis we talk about a sense of presence that goes beyond any categories and conceptual understanding.

Something that is not about a belief but has to be experienced.

And the tension held in Psychosynthesis is about certainly learning the theory but holding it loosely as a framework that helps to give meaning to our experiences.

The challenge is being mindful of not turning Psychosynthesis teaching into yet another belief system.


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