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You can use more, if you have resources to cover them all.Make adjustements to your topic and reseach question if needed.Furhtermore, carefully internalize the EE assessment criteria (A: Focus and method, B: Knowledge and understanding, C: Critical thinking, D: Presentation and E: Engagement)Step 2: Choose a tentative for your EE. The supervisor will give you feedback on whether your ideas are suitable for the IB Psychology EE or not.

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What have you learned from the nature of knowledge or creativity, activity and service?

- Has anything surprised you so far in your research? Step 12: Finish your EE with the help of your supervisor's feedback.

- Start with Google Scholar and EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite.

You can access these conveniently in our school.- Continue your search with JYKDOK.

Did it change the way you see Psychology as a science and scientific knowledge?

Teachers And Homework - Psychology Extended Essay Topics

- What was the most significant problem for you in carrying out the research and writing process of your paper? - What did you learn about yourself in the process of writing this paper?

Moreover, teacher will instruct you on your first reflection (see step 5). The EE in IB Psychology should be written with APA style.

Step 5: - Why is your topic and research question personally important to you? Ask the teacher for help if encounter any difficulties in APA referencing as well in relation to your research question.- It's ok to adjust your topic and research question as you write your EE.

Title page, Table of contents, References, possible Appendices, headers and parenthetical references are NOT included in the word count. Final reflection covers the completion of your EE process and its relation to the previous reflections.

Use the Viva Voce session (see step 13) and the following questions as a base for your third and final reflection:- How did the things you learned about your topic and research question change your way of thinking?


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