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The OWI created posters, worked with Hollywood in producing pro-war films, wrote scripts for radio shows, and took thousands of photographs that documented the war effort.Worried by the increase in government sponsored propaganda, academics and journalists established the Institute for Propaganda Analysis. This tool is the use of hints, insinuations, or indirect statements.

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The sponsorship of a symphony orchestra by a commercial company may be expected to create a feeling of good will on the part of the listener toward the product of the sponsor.

Sometimes programs designed to portray the life and culture of another country are propagandistic in nature, designed to “sell” that country to listeners in a home country.

The propagandist usually tries to side-step critical reactions from his audience, and therefore suggestion is one of his most important tools. By refusing to admit, or even suggest, that there is another side to the question.

as a propaganda device is that it will lead a public to accept a proposition even though there are not logical grounds for accepting it. By presenting his statements in simple and familiar language.

Our first and natural reaction is to assume that the ad or speaker is using the word in our sense, and that the speaker believes as we do on this important topic.

This lowers our resistance to the sales pitch or persuasion and makes us far less suspicious than we ought to be.

From posters to films and cartoons, the federal government used propaganda not only to buoy the spirit and patriotism of the home front, but also to promote enlistment in the military and labor force.

Several government agencies were responsible for producing propaganda, with the largest being the Office of War Information (OWI), created in 1942.

Thus some persons may support some unsound economic scheme because they desire an income in their old age.

Others will subscribe to some fraudulent “scheme of psychology” in order to improve their “personality.” The self-interested propagandist will study public opinion to find out what things people are “for” or “against” in order to decide on the labels that he will use to bring about desired reactions.


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